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The world is a crazy at the moment so I created some colouring pages and free downloads at the beginning of lockdown to offer a little bit of positivity, a moment of calm. I know the past few months have been really hard for a lot of people and for a lot of different reasons. Covid has affected us personally as we had to postpone our wedding which should have been in May and cancel our Honeymoon altogether but in a lot of ways we've also been really lucky. I'm so grateful that we have both been able to continue working and that we have a lovely house with a big garden which was a god send during lockdown. So although everyone's been through the same thing, I'm very aware that we have not all been in the same boat.

There are a couple of quotes I saw that I thought were fitting and a 'Care Package' label I've designed that you can colour in a pass on to vulnerable friends or family if you were doing them a bit of shopping or picking up their medication although I imagine the majority are probably venturing back out by now so it might just be to put a smile on their face. There's also a poster to remind people to wash their hands that you can print off and colour in, it'd be great to put over the sink in a shared work space, or even in your bathroom at home to remind little ones. And lastly, here's a little bit of fun that I designed for the 'Play' issue of the Procrastination Paper. If you don't know, the Procrastination Paper is a monthly mini mag designed by the lovely Zabby Allen to help you spend less time on your phone. Each month is a different theme and is packed full of articles and activities. You can download all of these things for free at the bottom of the page.

Download PDF • 5.94MB

Download PDF • 3.30MB

Wash your hands
Download PDF • 6.01MB

Spot the Difference
Download PDF • 13.65MB

Download PDF • 7.47MB

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